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Select the Best iPhone Application

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There can be no doubt that Iphone is a fabulous gadget and it is today unsurprisingly dominating the smart phone world. The fact remains that buyers are flocking to own one – despite the exorbitant price. Countless iphone applications are being released on apple store though not all of them are imaginative, user-friendly and cost effective.

Besides, for the iPhone, Apple has opened up the market to allow third-party developers to create applications to add functionality and fun to their fast-selling gadget. The only condition is that all applications must be approved by Apple and they can only be sold on the company’s App Store. Thus, there has been a virtual explosion of apps ranging from some downright silly ones to some extraordinarily brilliant ones.

The scenario is so overwhelming, it is now almost impossible to pinpoint what the best iphone applications are. In fact, there are different categories of apps like Games, Video & Music, Utilities, Fun etc and the choice of apps largely depends on user needs and preferences. For the purposes of this article, it is appropriate that we talk of the best iphone apps for business.

2Do – This is a user-friendly task management and ‘to do’ list app that faithfully does exactly what it states on the tin. The user-interface is impeccable and the latest version reportedly supports synchronization with Outlook, Mac, and Toodledo.

Evernote – This app is your perfect choice if you are fond of taking notes in different forms and types and need a bit of help with organizing and searching your notes. The chief advantage of Evernote is its simple presentation and organization of notes, images, websites, text, video, etc.

Dropbox – If you are desirous of accessing all your important documents and photos from your iPhone without the need of doing any synchronization – then definitely Dropbox is the App for you.

LogMeIn Ignition – This App enables the user to access PCs in the same way as on the LogMeIn website – but through the iPhone or iPad. If you want an easy and reliable way to remote control all of your computers then this app is the right choice.

Keynote Remote – With this app, as the name suggests, you can control your Keynote ’09 slide presentation on your Mac from your iPod touch or iPhone. It is a huge advantage as you are actually using your iPhone to view and control the slides.

Document To Go – When it comes to MS office document, QuickOffice and Document To Go are indeed the two names that should matter. Document to Go is the natural choice because it happens to be more user-friendly and also because it uses the standard iPhone predictive keyboard.

WorldCard Mobile – This app is a great aid in managing your business cards. WorldCard Mobile, simply stated, is a business card scanner that will take care of all those loose business cards scattered all over. WorldCard Mobile uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to immediately transfer information from business cards to your iPhone contacts.

Flight Track Pro – For frequent business travelers, this app is immensely useful. Flight track Pro imports flight data automatically from any airline confirmation email and then sends you push alert with real-time changes to your flight.

Dragon Dictation – With this app, you do not need a personal assistant to do the typing for you. Dragon dictation is an easy-to-use voice-to-text transcriptions that may be sent as SMS, e-mail, or pasted into any application using the clipboard.

Tips and Tricks – Finally, if you want to optimize your iPhone experience, but wish to avoid digging through various websites or forums – then this app is designed for you. The informative app will serve as a guide to your iPhone as well as show you hidden features, shortcuts, and other useful information.


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