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Overview of Ipad Application Development

Posted in: iPad Touch, Tags: Application, Development, iPad, overview

What an Ipad means?

Ipad is a slim and portable mini computer called as tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. This gadget lies in between an Iphone and Mac because as they have many features involved, in other words can be said as a larger version of Iphone in terms of hardware and OS.

Ipad was launched on 3rd April 2010, developed and designed by Apple. The first ipad did not have many features like camera, multi-tasking and so. But the same ipad was again released on 30th April 2010 with Wi-Fi and 3G mode. After that two versions have been released with camera and many other specifications.

Advantages of Tablet:


A 9.7 inches retina display with multi-touch screen and of 1024 x 768 pixel display which just weights 1.6 pounds.

The display as specified LED backlighting and LCD display with finger print and a scratch resistant.

Data Storage:

The multimedia slate tablet relies on internal flash memory and the data storage is parted into 3 models and they are 16, 32 and 64 GB. And there is no other external storage space.


The most specified one of an Ipad can be its keyboard. It has an on-screen virtual keyboard, where the keys appear as touch screen buttons instead of physical buttons on the device. It also supports external keyboard via Bluetooth or the dock.

Applications which focus on typing are much more feasible as ipad supports two hands not multi-touch but touch specific.


The ipad uses an internal rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery and designed with high current of 2 amperes. The battery is a long-lasting one which can stand for one month in standby position and 10 hours of charge in video and Wi-Fi mode, 9 hours in 3G /4G mode and 140 hours of charge in audio playback.


The major advantage for a good reader in ipad is its Ibook; the reader can download books and save it in its library folder and can read any time. And most specific you can make note of the pages till what you have read.


Retina display.
Scratch card resistant.
Sleep/Wake mode.
Headphone jack.
Volume button.
Micro SIM tray.
Front-facing camera.
Rear-facing camera.


Ipad being a small device when compared to laptop and PC, it can do almost all the functionality equal to them and can be used for various purposes like:

Browsing & Internet.
Sending & Reading e-mail.
Playing Games.
Watching Videos.
Map-based navigation.
Listening Music.
Reading e-books (IBooks).

Versions of Ipad:

Ipad (Wi-Fi) – April 3rd 2010.
Ipad (Wi-Fi + 3G) – April 30th 2010.
Ipad 2- March 11th 2011.
Ipad 3- March 16th 2012(magnetic).


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