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Jailbreaking and unlocking iOS using devices-How and why?

Posted in: iOS, Jailbreak iPhone, Tags: devicesHow, jailbreaking, Unlocking, Using

For anyone new to the community of jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone, you might be inquisitive what the change between jailbreak and unlock is. Both, Jailbreaking and unlocking are 2 very different elements that are generally misunderstood by individuals who are new to these ideas. Read on to better comprehend the differences between the 2 and to understand which you may want to use. (Here we will be mentioning the iPhone in particular but these details are appropriate for all other iOS products also like iPod, iPad, etc.)

Both jailbreaking and unlocking are used by iPhone users to jailbreaking and unlock their devices for varied purposes. Both these techniques allow you to do functions your iPhone does not normally have the capability to do. Unlocking allows you to use other SIM cards from different service providers.

And jailbreaking allows you to use unofficial (programs not on App Store) programs and application on the iPhone.

An ‘unlock’ eliminates the service provider constraints on your iPhone, enabling an iPhone proprietor to switch and use their device on another competitive cellular service provider. In many nations all over the community, most infamously the USA, nearly all iPhones are sold with what is known as a ‘carrier lock’ which only allows it to be used on the system for which it was ordered. Read More »

Easy iPhone Jailbreak

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iOS, Tags: Easy, Iphone, Jailbreak

The New iPhone 4 hack solutions have been available since with regards to late 2007. The inaugural actually T-Mobile bust was substantiated with YouTube from the 1st particular person to ever previously crack the iphone. He demonstrated how this individual substituted your AT&T SIM using a T-Mobile SIM and after that commenced to help phone his house ahead of the audience. He shown the mystery caller ID by his ‘unlock phone’ on his landline phones caller ID display.

The concern was the fact that unlock sim modus operandi has been elaborate, difficult and also dangersome. It concerned breaching the machine and soldering debris. Most proprietors who experimented with had problems and many mutilated their units. At very least one was described to obtain exploded directly into flames. Since after that, the approach was refined in a software remedy. Whereby any operator would certainly simply conjoin their particular phone with a USB port on the computer along with generate program code, which will jailbreak cellular phones without messing in to the electronics. Read More »

Twitter – The Latest Feature Of iPhone iOS 5

Posted in: iOS, Tags: Feature, Iphone, latest, twitter

It was first Orkut, then FaceBook, now its twitter. Twitter is the world’s foremost social networking site. It is a site that is more lightweight than Facebook and more precise. It is an on-the-go site that is fairly simple to use. Used by stars and celebrities it has gained popularity all through the world for instant updates. The iPhone is definitely not late in catching the twitter-fever. Thus the twitter application on iPhone was born thanks to the hard work by iPhone developers.

The twitter application is integrated in iOS5 and is an extension of the twitter website, in the form of an iPhone application. Each update put up on the website is called a ‘tweet’. A tweet is understood both as a noun as well as a verb. Somebody always tweets a tweet. Since twitter is incorporated into the operating system of the mobile, it can be invoked from a list of other applications namely safari or YouTube or maps.

Setting Up

In iPhone, a twitter account is set up in the settings section, just like how email accounts are setup.

We can set up any number of twitter accounts. The important feature here is that we can store the twitter usernames of our friends, right in their contacts, just like their mobile numbers. This ensures a one-time login and a one-time storage of names. If you have a 3Gs then you can find the twitter application in the Apple AppStore which you can download and install. Read More »

Porting iOS (iPhone) Apps To Android And Blackberry

Posted in: iOS, Tags: Android, Apps, Blackberry, Iphone, Porting

What is porting?

“Porting is the process of adapting software so that an executable program can be created for a computing environment that is different from the one for which it was originally designed…” and “Software is portable when the cost of porting it to a new platform is less than the cost of writing it from scratch. The lower the cost of porting software, relative to its implementation cost, the more portable it is said to be.” (source: Wikipedia)

In reality there is no such thing as porting from iOS to Android or Blackberry. The development environments are completely different, which means that unless you’ve planned for cross-platform development from the beginning you will have to start from scratch for additional platforms and the cost of pure development will be similar or sometimes higher than the first platform.

So what is the point of this article?

Even though there is no easy solution to porting, there are lots of tips and tricks that make the process smoother, the cost lower and the app more successful:


Adapt existing Use Cases, Wireframes and Designs to the new platform Read More »

OpenEars – Speech Recognition Software For iOS

Posted in: iOS, Tags: OpenEars, Recognition, Software, Speech

Just a few years ago, speech recognition software technology was limited only to science fiction. However, in a short span of time, speech recognition has become a reality and iPhone developers are utilizing this unique tool to develop varied and interesting outsourced iPhone projects.

OpenEars is a new iOS open-source library that can be used and edited for free as part of ongoing iPhone development. The library is used for setting up speech recognition software in the English language right on devices such as iPad or iPhone. Currently, OpenEars is available as the version number 0.912.

The latest version of OpenEars is a dramatic change from its predecessor, but you can still get the previous stable version 0.902 with PDF support documents as well.

Here is a look at what OpenEars can do for you:

OpenEars can multitask between continues listening for speech on the background and resuming or suspending speech processing on demand without using more than 8 percent of the CPU power, even on a first generation iPhone.

It offers 8 voices that you can choose from for text-to-speech functions. Moreover, even the quality speed and pitch can be adjusted while the translation is going on. Read More »

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