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The Business of iPhone App Development

Posted in: iPhone Apps, Tags: Business, Development, Iphone

Today’s must have gadget is of course the iPhone. If you are even moderately tech savvy you can use your iPhone for a vast variety of applications. These may relate to your job, leisure, entertainment and a host of other areas. Today there are about 350,000 apps already available and more are appearing everyday.

An iPhone is a device which combines the functions of a camera phone, a video iPod and an internet device into one unit. The demand for more and more iPhone apps are on the increase. You can take advantage of this growing market, and make money with iPhone apps. In fact outsourcing is largely practiced in developing iPhone apps. You can offer your skills for this purpose.

The mechanism of building iPhone apps

In order to understand the basics of how to make iPhone apps, you need to understand the basics of the system. Read More »

Guide for Converting Scanned PDF to EPUB for iPhone 4/4S

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPhone Apps, Tips and Tricks, Tags: 4/4S, Converting, EPUB, Guide, Iphone, Scanned

would you have a lot of favorite paper-based books to be converted to Ebooks for easy reading on your iPhone 4s? scan these books to PDF format and read them with your portable devices say iPhone (iPhone 4S) or iPod Touch on the go. Yes, PDF is readable on these devices too. However, EPUB format is preferred by its adjustable formatting and fonts.

To “convert scanned PDF to EPUB”, you need OCR software to help you. OCR is the technology used to translate “scanned PDF files to text-based documents”. PDF Converter Pro is the one that you need. It is a professional PDF Converter for Mac, specially performs brilliantly in converting scanned PDF to EPUB with the feature of supporting of OCR.

The following guide tells you how to convert scanned PDF to EPUB by using the PDF Converter Pro. Let’s get down to the task.

Step 1 Free Download and Install the PDF Converter Pro Read More »

Select the Best iPhone Application

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPhone Apps, iPhone Games, Tips and Tricks, Tags: Application, Best, Iphone, Select

There can be no doubt that Iphone is a fabulous gadget and it is today unsurprisingly dominating the smart phone world. The fact remains that buyers are flocking to own one – despite the exorbitant price. Countless iphone applications are being released on apple store though not all of them are imaginative, user-friendly and cost effective.

Besides, for the iPhone, Apple has opened up the market to allow third-party developers to create applications to add functionality and fun to their fast-selling gadget. The only condition is that all applications must be approved by Apple and they can only be sold on the company’s App Store. Thus, there has been a virtual explosion of apps ranging from some downright silly ones to some extraordinarily brilliant ones.

The scenario is so overwhelming, it is now almost impossible to pinpoint what the best iphone applications are. In fact, there are different categories of apps like Games, Video & Music, Utilities, Fun etc and the choice of apps largely depends on user needs and preferences. For the purposes of this article, it is appropriate that we talk of the best iphone apps for business. Read More »

Do You Know How to Successfully Earn Money By, Making An iPhone App?

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPhone Apps, Tags: Earn, Iphone, Know, Making, Money, Successfully

Making an iPhone app is one of the most lucrative and high paying business ventures nowadays. Instead of trying your luck at winning the lottery, developing a unique and creative idea to be one of the best iPhone apps will absolutely let you earn thousands or even millions of dollars in just a short period of time. There are lots of iPhone apps today that are considered to be huge hits on the market such as Angry Birds and Doodle Jump. They all started from simple yet unique fun ideas that have evolved into the most in demand money making iPhone apps on the market.

Angry Birds developers have actually earned around 10 million dollars in just a single year while Doodle Jump earns a total sum of 12 million in a year with more or less than 28,000 downloaded in a day. Who knows, this could be your app idea’s chance to become the world’s next million dollar app. All you have to do is develop a worthwhile, innovative, fun and user friendly app which will surely be a huge hit on the market. You know the ideas I’m talking about, the ones that have been floating around in your brain for years. The ideas that say “I would have tweaked this or that this way and it would have made this game or app so much better” or “man if they would have done this it would have changed the whole course for the better” yep you know the ones.

By making an iPhone app you could earn more than 10,000 dollars in a day. Making an iPhone app does not require you to be an expert in programming with today’s available systems. Sometimes, successful iPhone apps require a group effort and tedious brainstorming to produce a sure hit app. For this you will want a team of expert individuals that specialize in the different stages of development for making an iPhone app. Read More »

Iphone And Ipad Application – Save2pdf App

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPhone Apps, Tips and Tricks, Tags: Application, iPad, Iphone, Save2pdf

The credit of making PDF popular as a cross platform, after Adobe goes to Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad. Apple made it possible to create PDF files in Mac OS X through the Print dialogue box. Before printing document it hast to be previewed in PDF format. This was a symbiotic relationship between the Apple and Adobe. Most of the graphic artists and desk top publishers exchanged information in PDF format much before OS X was developed.

PDF is the necessary utility tool for every computer users either who is new or experienced user of computer all requires PDF. Many company and organization using PDF for creating letter pad, presentation paper and documentation. Same way now different mobile requires PDF, for printing purpose PDF is the best option. Relationship of Adobe and Apple will give new touch to PDF.

The everyday users have been benefited by this because a lot of practical purposes have been served. The fax has been mostly replaced by PDFs.

The PDFs can be read on the iPad and iPhone with the help of Safari and other application like Evernote and GoodReader. A special category was created when Save2PDF was introduced by EuroSmartz especially for iPad and iPhone. Read More »

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