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Disney’s AppMAtes: some of the coolest gadgets for kids

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPad Touch, iPhone Apps, Tags: disney, iPad, kids, toys

Disney has just launched a line of toys that I think are some of the coolest gadgets for kids that I have ever seen. They are a line of toys themed around the Cars universe that interact with specially designed apps on the iPad.

The Appmates toys are used by dragging the toys across the top of the iPad in order to race and perform other activities. Each toy unlocks different features in the apps, making them a collectible draw. The app is going to be a free download and the cars will run $20 for a two-pack.

You lay the iPad down flat and place the toy on the screen. It interacts with the device by touch and will allow you to race down tracks, play games and activate special powers that will help you use it. The whole things looks pretty darn cool. Read More »

Rexly: a social music experience that allows you to use your local music library as a source

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iOS, iPhone Apps, Tags: music apps, Rexly, social music

In the game to turn music more social, we’ve had a lot of choices, but not very many good ones. It sort of goes without saying that iTunes Ping has turned out to be a flop, while services such as Rdio, MOG and Spotify have taken different approaches entirely. But newcomer Rexly is looking to do what Ping should have done, only better.

First off, the overview. Rexly is an iOS application that you can use to find what others have been listening to, and you can share your own listening habits too. In that regard, it’s inherently similar to what we see with, but it allows you to use your local music library as a source instead of relying on data-intensive streaming. Read More »

After wordpress and Google, skype also updates its iOS app

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iOS, iPhone Apps, iPod, Tags: iOS apps, skype, updates

Skype today announced it has updated its iOS apps for iPhone and iPad to include two new features; Anti-shake video technology and Bluetooth sypport – but will also now including advertising.

Skype notes in its blog post that its iPhone app has been downloaded nearly 60 million times, but with today update the company hopes to reduce video shakiness with the introduction of a new stabilisation feature, perfect if you were trying to show a friend or loved one what you are doing whilst holding your iPhone or iPad.

The update also brings with it Bluetooth support, something that Skype says it introduced after it was requested by so many of its users. With this new feature, users can now use their Bluetooth headsets to make hands-free Skype calls.

If you thought that only the desktop apps were to receive advertising, you would be wrong; Skype will debut its advertising platform in these new iOS releases, making sure to patch bugs with an important security fix.

productivity bundle: the best app bundle for just $29.99

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iOS, iPhone Apps, Mac Book, Tags: App store, application bundles, web-Apps

Application bundles may not be new but they are a tried and tested way of helping developers get their creations out to a greater number of users. Although they do exist on other platforms, many of the popular promotions (including MacHeist and others) will be targeted specifically at Mac users.

With the introduction of the Mac App Store, you may have thought that many of the Mac App bundles’ days were numbered, especially when users can purchase, download apps and be notified when they are updated.

However, we were tipped to one Mac app bundle that we just couldn’t ignore. Featuring some of the best apps already available on the Mac App Store and a range of fully-featured productivity web-apps for a one-time fee of $29.99, we had to notify you of its existence.

Known simply as the Productivity Bundle, this deal sees Fusion and Carbon Ads partner with some of the most popular web app providers to include long-term subscriptions to a range of services such as Evernote Pro and Strongspace. Read More »

Cydia: The Most powerful jailbreak app for your portable Apple device

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iOS, iPhone Apps, Tags: cydia, jailbreaking

If you own a portable Apple device and were to set about jailbreaking it today, no matter the method used to do so your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will receive its first Jailbreak “app”, the most powerful of them all; Cydia.

The creation of Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik, Cydia is a to jailbroken devices what the App Store is to a standard iPhone or iPad. Served via a graphical user interface, Cydia provides users with a choice of applications, tweaks and modifications that can help extend the capabilities of their device.

Existing as more of a service than an app, Cydia collates APT repositories (an interface that can facilitate the installation and uninstalling of applications, tweaks and settings), that are handled completely by third parties, decentralising the platform and making it easily available for a developer or a host to make available the apps that they have been working on or wish to help share.

With Apple’s App Store generating revenue in billions of dollars, the Cupertino-based company is understandably wary of Cydia as an alternative marketplace, which can only stop the installation of the app if it can physically block the Jailbreaking of the device in the first place. Despite improved protection and the implementation of various methods to restrict access to unauthorised parts of the iOS platform, both the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team are reportedly close to unlocking the iPhone 5/iOS 5 before it has even been released. Read More »

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