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Steve jobs is really the idealist

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The local time on October 5,, the United States apple announced the company, a former chief executive officer Steve jobs has died, aged 56 years old. Apple’s official website said in a news release said: “apple lost a visionary and creative genius, the world lost an incredible.” The board of directors of the apple issued a statement, grief and mourning jobs announced. The graph is a jobs released in 2008 when new products of material pictures. SheFa Miocene ChenGang perturbation

Beijing October 6-today, apple’s official website announced the news of the death due to illness jobs, Microsoft CEO ballmer in its official website said: for their release, jobs and died, I will extend our deepest condolences. He is the founder of one of our industry, is a real idealist. I about his family and his apple all the work involved all people are concerned.

Apple’s Cook (Tim Cook) for the first time with CEO identity walk to the spotlight released new iPhone, the Wall Street journal this comment since as “disappointing”, the report said the phone fell flat, no fantastic place. Read More »

How To Add A New Wallpaper To Your iPhone 4

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Your iphone can be personalized to suit your hobbies or latest photographs, this can be done in a number of ways; by using iphone 4 skins or iphone 4 vinyl skins. With these skins you will also get an image to match the skins that can be used for the wallpaper of your lock screen or home screen. The iphone skins come with a link to a website where you are able to download the matching image and install it onto your iphone.

The vinyl skins are also great protection for your iphone in case of accidental damage which occurs frequently. By having iphone 4 vinyl skins attached, the damage can be minimized and could save you spending money on a new phone.

If you do not want to use the skin image you are able to add another image or photograph to your lock screen or home display.

The image that you select could be a photograph you have taken which will be within your camera roll, an image that came with your iphone or a photograph that can be synced to your phone from your computer. Read More »

Steve Jobs passed away today

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iOS, iPad Touch, iPhone Apps, iPhone Games, iPhone Ring Tones, iPhone Wallpapers, iPod, Mac Book, Tips and Tricks, Tags: Steve Jobs died

Steve Jobs passed away today, Wednesday October 5, 2011, at the age of 56. As the chairman and co-founder of Apple, Jobs irrevocably changed the way we use and think about technology with his intense interest in making it better, easier to use and more beautiful.

As an orphan of immigrant parentage who rose to the literal pinnacle of his calling through hard work and invention, Jobs epitomizes the American myth. When coupled with his obvious skill as a CEO and public speaker, it made him a fascinating character to watch. When you’re passionate about something, when you live and breathe it, it shows.

Yes, Jobs was a gifted orator and showman, but that was augmented by his love and passion for his products because he had a hand in causing them to be. The impact of that personal connection cannot be understated.

Jobs died peacefully and is survived by his wife Laureen and four children and they will miss him as a man who “cherished his family.”

The rest of us will miss him in a less intimate, but somehow still personal, way.1987a dmenuez laugh 300x226 On Steve Jobs.

In his span here on Earth, Jobs defined the computer as something more than a tool. He made it personal. He founded a company, was forced to leave it behind and brought it back from the edge of disaster on his return. It is now the most valuable in the world.
Read More » Turns your iPhone into a Remote DSLR Trigger

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPhone Wallpapers, Tips and Tricks, Tags: DSL Trigger, Iphone

If you own a DSLR and an iPhone, you are more than likely to find this app interesting. is a brilliant iPhone app that lets you control your DSLR by turning your phone into a remote. interfaces with the camera via its IR receiver. Hence, you need to plug an IR transmitter into the headphone jack of the iPhone. On the website, lists a great tutorial for a DIY IR Transmitter and the iPhone Guru has gone ahead and created a fantastic video for it. If you’re not the DIY kind, you can also order an IR transmitter from the website directly for about $20.

The app itself is quite brilliant. It features 5 modes laid down in a tab bar at the bottom — Shoot, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing and Movie Mode. The interface is decent and there are well-laid out labels and hints all over the app.

In the Shoot mode, you can choose to fire instantly or with a 2 second delay. The app allows you to tag your GPS data to the photos or even export the log as a .gpx file. The Long Exposure mode is for the Bulb Photography enthusiasts and let you set the duration for which you’d like to expose and shows you a counter once you start. Read More »

Here’s Wishing you a Happy 35th, Apple

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35 years ago on this day, three wise gentlemen from California came together to establish a company today that has today single-handedly changed the face of mobile computing as we know it. Yes, we’re talking about Apple here.

Back in April 1st, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne got together to and establish what was then known as Apple Computer, in order to sell their Apple I computer kit that was hand built by Wozniak himself.

This company then went on to be incorporated on January 3rd, 1977 as Apple Computer, Inc. Ronald Wayne, the lesser known of the 3 founders previously worked at Atari and is credited to have drawn the first Apple logo as well as the manual for Apple I.

In this fascinating journey over the last 35 years, Apple has directly or indirectly resulted in some of the most innovative and outstanding products we use in out day-to-day lives. Jobs, in particular, has been exceptionally involved in the company’s product releases over the last decade. Read More »

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