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Best Review Of Previous Apple MacBook Pro Series

Posted in: Mac Book, Tags: apple, Best, MacBook, Previous, review, Series

The MacBook Pro is the first Apple laptop with an Intel processor. How well the transition has fast can you read the following review.

The toll-designed Alunotebook convinced and quality finish. Creaking, uneven gaps or sagging body parts are for the MacBook Pro is a foreign word. The only negative small thing – the lid wobbles slightly when closed – is hardly worth mentioning.

It is striking that the 2.5 kg light unit is designed very flat. For this was no need for a conventional slim DVD burner and a slow-Ultra Slim drive installed.

The large centrally located display hinge is very sturdy and durable makes an impression, however, can not move very far to the rear. This can be for “sofa surfers” with bent legs possibly a little too little. Among the large hinge is the fan output. Here would be also worth mentioning that the Apple laptop is one of the few systems where the air is not sucked from the bottom – very enjoyable! Read More »

Choosing A Mac

Posted in: Mac Book, Tags: Choosing

Macbooks (Mac laptop/Notebook class)

For those looking for portability and power, a MacBook is the one you need. There are three main species- Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air.

The Macbook is the basic model. This is a do-everything computer, not as powerful as a desktop, but good enough to run any normal home or work type application.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro is the top of the range Mac in this class. These really are professional quality computers, with a lot of grunt and powerful video and graphics cards. Theyre typically used by experts who want a laptop type computer with the power and capabilities of a desktop. Theyre more expensive, but theyre worth it. Read More »

Apple MacBook Air MC234LL/A 13.3-inch Laptop Review

Posted in: Mac Book, Tags: 13.3inch, apple, Laptop, MacBook, MC234LL/A, review

If you’re interested in a laptop that combines state of the art tech with environmentally sound durable construction and a low profile and lightweight factors then the Apple MacBook Air MC234LL/A is exactly what you are looking for. This 13.3-inch laptop utilizes a 128GB solid-state drive.  This drive has zero moving parts which is an earmark for durability.  The more moving parts, the easier it is for things to break down.  That along with the 2.13 GHz processor, an Intel Core 2 Duo nonetheless, provides multi-threading (read multi task) performance on one of the smallest and lightest laptops the world has ever seen.  Including 2 gigs of RAM only makes this machine faster that allows for some really nice three-dimensional gaming on this machine.

The body of the laptop is constructed of aluminum, a recyclable material also providing additional durability.  The Apple MacBook Air MC234LL/A truly allows for many firsts, including making good on the name “Air”, because it is really light.  Weighing in at a whopping 3 pounds and the thickest point measuring an immense ¾ of an inch, this powerful laptop isn’t light on performance or thin on technology.

If you are familiar with Apple’s iPhone or iPad, then the Apple MacBook Air MC234LL/A will be a breeze for you to use as the intuitive motions carry over to this machine.  The multi touch oversized touch-pad allows for the zoom, pinch, and swipe to carry out the same operations as you would on the other technology. Read More »

What to consider when buying a Mac Book case

Posted in: Mac Book, Tags: book, buying, case, Consider

First, the MacBook case you are going to pick must be the color of your choice. You could not just love your MacBook laptop more if the color of it compliments your personality. The other reason why you should pick the color of your choice for your MacBook case is because you will be looking at it day and night. You may have the coolest laptop in town, but you cannot just appreciate its price and value if you cannot feel the color of it.

Second and one of the most important, your MacBook cover must fit exactly with your laptop. How could it protect your MacBook laptop if it is loose? It will fall off afterwards. If it is too small, how are you going to cover it up? It will be useless in that case.

If you want the best MacBook cover for your MacBook laptop, choose the design that accommodates the design of it.

It must have specified holes for drives, chargers, USB ports, and the like. Remember that MacBook Pro and MacBook Air do differ in some features so be sure that you pick the right MacBook case for your model. Read More »

Apple Will Begin Purchase Chips In August

Posted in: Mac Book, Tags: apple, August, Begin, Chips, Purchase

According to Taiwan’s “Business Times” news, the semiconductor market in the third quarter is not busy season is a foregone conclusion, however, Apple will launch the second half of the Macbook Air, iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and other new products, product specifications, certification has been completed, according to industry pointed out that Apple has asked the chip suppliers began stocking, late August is expected to start procurement action.

Eat apple direct or indirect orders of the semiconductor plant, such as TSMC, ASE, Chipbond, Xin Quan, Anen, King Master, etc., better than expected third quarter performance of the industry. European debt chain explosion, the United States in addition to slow economic recovery, the recent public debt ceiling has not yet been resolved, resulting in sluggish sales of electronic products, including notebooks, feature phones, consumer electronics products, shipments of fear of the third quarter as expected, even intelligent phones and mobile devices such as tablet PCs, shipments, all showed growth stagnation, thereby affecting the second half of the semiconductor market. As electronic products shipments as expected, both TSMC and UMC recently came under the revised third quarter wafer shipments quarter growth rate of the news,

TSMC’s wafer shipments in the third quarter growth rate of fear of less than 5 % UMC at best only with the second quarter were flat, of course, back-testing and packaging plant of the season outlook also fell flat, the entire semiconductor market is not busy season is a foregone conclusion. However, in looking at the market a bad sound, there are still good news came. That Apple will launch the second half of the Macbook Air, iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and other new products, will begin a new round of chip procurement. Read More »

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