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Overview of Ipad Application Development

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What an Ipad means?

Ipad is a slim and portable mini computer called as tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. This gadget lies in between an Iphone and Mac because as they have many features involved, in other words can be said as a larger version of Iphone in terms of hardware and OS.

Ipad was launched on 3rd April 2010, developed and designed by Apple. The first ipad did not have many features like camera, multi-tasking and so. But the same ipad was again released on 30th April 2010 with Wi-Fi and 3G mode. After that two versions have been released with camera and many other specifications.

Advantages of Tablet:


A 9.7 inches retina display with multi-touch screen and of 1024 x 768 pixel display which just weights 1.6 pounds.

The display as specified LED backlighting and LCD display with finger print and a scratch resistant.

Data Storage:

The multimedia slate tablet relies on internal flash memory and the data storage is parted into 3 models and they are 16, 32 and 64 GB. And there is no other external storage space. Read More »

Select the Best iPhone Application

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPhone Apps, iPhone Games, Tips and Tricks, Tags: Application, Best, Iphone, Select

There can be no doubt that Iphone is a fabulous gadget and it is today unsurprisingly dominating the smart phone world. The fact remains that buyers are flocking to own one – despite the exorbitant price. Countless iphone applications are being released on apple store though not all of them are imaginative, user-friendly and cost effective.

Besides, for the iPhone, Apple has opened up the market to allow third-party developers to create applications to add functionality and fun to their fast-selling gadget. The only condition is that all applications must be approved by Apple and they can only be sold on the company’s App Store. Thus, there has been a virtual explosion of apps ranging from some downright silly ones to some extraordinarily brilliant ones.

The scenario is so overwhelming, it is now almost impossible to pinpoint what the best iphone applications are. In fact, there are different categories of apps like Games, Video & Music, Utilities, Fun etc and the choice of apps largely depends on user needs and preferences. For the purposes of this article, it is appropriate that we talk of the best iphone apps for business. Read More »

Iphone And Ipad Application – Save2pdf App

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iPhone Apps, Tips and Tricks, Tags: Application, iPad, Iphone, Save2pdf

The credit of making PDF popular as a cross platform, after Adobe goes to Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad. Apple made it possible to create PDF files in Mac OS X through the Print dialogue box. Before printing document it hast to be previewed in PDF format. This was a symbiotic relationship between the Apple and Adobe. Most of the graphic artists and desk top publishers exchanged information in PDF format much before OS X was developed.

PDF is the necessary utility tool for every computer users either who is new or experienced user of computer all requires PDF. Many company and organization using PDF for creating letter pad, presentation paper and documentation. Same way now different mobile requires PDF, for printing purpose PDF is the best option. Relationship of Adobe and Apple will give new touch to PDF.

The everyday users have been benefited by this because a lot of practical purposes have been served. The fax has been mostly replaced by PDFs.

The PDFs can be read on the iPad and iPhone with the help of Safari and other application like Evernote and GoodReader. A special category was created when Save2PDF was introduced by EuroSmartz especially for iPad and iPhone. Read More »

Application Development for iPad: Know the Latest IOS 5

Posted in: iOS, Tags: Application, Development, iPad, Know, latest

Apple’s iPad2 broke all the sales records this year. Being the most efficient, sleek and light-weight tablet performing to its best, Apple shipped 13 million iPad units in Q3 2011. An impressive figure showing 36.8 percent growth left Apple being the top-most tablet vendor. With over 200 new features, the world’s most advanced operating system is only getting better. With the launch of iOS 5, Apple devices show fast improvement and sale. Further, the special features of iOS5 encouraged iPad application development even more.

iPad developers focus on some of the most competitive iOS 5 features for developing robust apps based on the new operating system.

iOS 5 Killer features

iPad has always been one of the most sophisticated devices.

With its fast revolution, it always has something new to offer its users. This time, with iOS 5, Apple offers the following:

Notification Center: The notification center in iOS 5 has been fine-tuned for minimal interruptions. Replacing its annoying pop-up notification system, iPad development allows users to set up the way their notification should arrive on their devices. Users can also select the option for no notification. Users can swipe and reach the app to see the message; however, if users ignore the message, the message will simply fade away. Read More »

High-end Ipad Application Development For Your Ipad

Posted in: iPad Touch, Tags: Application, Development, Highend, iPad

Apple knows exactly what it’s projecting to its audience in terms of building sheer brilliant electronic gadgets. Gadgets that anyone would go gaga over! And with every new product launched in the market by Apple, nobody could have imagined that it would have been such a sensation. Consumers simply cannot think what’s going on in the brains of Apple developers and especially in Steve Jobs’ brain. On this, we are reminded of his biography by Leander Kahney named ‘Inside Steve’s brain’ (It is titled perfectly!).

The latest iconic gizmo from the internationally famous brand is the iPad. Apart from the controversies associated with its name initially, it stepped out as a winner in every sense. The cutting-edge tablet PC led to the establishment of the iPad application development industry which has been mounting to great heights ever since the release of the tablet PC. With iPad in your hands, there is nothing that you cannot do. You are in fact capable of everything you want with touch. The 9.7-inch touch sensitive sleek slate like device is the fantasy of every gizmo freak. Its superb functionality, radiant graphics and eye-popping effects make it a perfect combination of technology and brilliance. Read More »

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