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Services and Benefits of Official iPhone unlocks

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Official iPhone unlock from is available through iTunes itself and does not require any software or jailbreak. This is an incredibly easy manufacturer unlockto unlock iPhone 4 and to unlock iPhone 5 will allow you to use your handset on any GSM network worldwide. Frequent travellers can enjoy added benefits of Facetime over 3G, and unlimited tethering (using iPhone as broadband modem).

How to unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 5?

iPhone 4 unlock and iPhone 5 unlock is very simple. All you need to do is pay the requiremed amount and send in your IMEI to who in turn send an unlock request to Apple.Depending on the network the process takes anywhere between one to five days. Once completed you are emailed and then you simply connect your handset to iTunes to complete the unlock. Read More »

What Are The Benefits After Jailbreaking iPad

Posted in: Jailbreak iPhone, Tags: after, Benefits, iPad, jailbreaking

With jailbreak all of your iPad wishes come true like downloading and installing applications, customizing iPad settings, tethering iPad with laptop or computer, etc.

May be some users think that jailbreaking is lengthy and hard process. In fact, it is very easy.

Why do people jailbreak iPad?

Firstly there are no restrictions over jailbreaking process and moreover device becomes more powerful after jailbreaking. You can change the look of your device by customizing it. Think of downloading those applications that can’t even provided by application store. You will have full control on your device. You can use it as you want.

1) Install third-party applications: There are so many applications that are banned by Apple due to their own reasons. After jailbreaking you can install applications and run them without any limitations.Lets have some examples of it:

One can download You Tube videos and can save them to your iPad.You can stream songs and videos from Mac over Wi-Fi.The main advantage is to capture videos and photos even if the device doesn’t have a built in camera. Read More »

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The iPhone 3GS Smart Phone

Posted in: Apple Iphone, Tips and Tricks, Tags: Benefits, Drawbacks, Iphone, Phone, smart

This smart phone, the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone from Apple, is an affordable device with lots of features you’ll love. Originally one of the most advanced smartphones back in the day, this device is high-tech. iPhone 4 is now the dominant smartphone, overshadowing this one. People that could not afford the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone before can do so now since the newest version has been unveiled.

One of the largest app stores in the world is owned by Apple and still continues to be very popular. When you buy a device such as the iPhone 3GS, you’re not only getting the built in features and capabilities, but the ability to download an endless number of apps. Really, there is no limit to what you can do with your apps and more are released every day. One of the most popular applications, Angry Birds, can be downloaded as well as thousands of other games. You can actually read newspapers from the comfort of your phone if you have the right app. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites also have applications that you can download to your phone.

The iPhone 3GS smart phone contains a camera that will let you take really good quality pictures as well as videos. While the 3 megapixel camera has good performance quality, it isn’t quite as impressive as the cameras you will find in later model smart phones but it works fine for regular use. If you’re a serious photographer or maker or videos, you’ll probably have separate devices for taking pictures or shooting movies anyway. For casual use, though, the iPhone 3GS is fantastic for pictures and videos and makes it really easy to upload them on the internet or send to other people through email. Read More »

What are The Benefits Of iPhone Jail Breaking

Posted in: Jailbreak iPhone, Tags: Benefits, Breaking, Iphone, Jail

Since the production, the iPhone has been among the leading selling smart phone gadgets ever manufactured, and remains to be an industry leader within the mobile phone industry, in spite of challenging competition from Google Android

The iPhone itself is definitely a sophisticated gadget that excels past its communication capabilities, and the gadget has become used by a lot of organizations to help them adapt to the quickly changing technologies being introduced, and allow them much easier connection and also interaction to other devices. For example, an iPhone can be used to connect to any of your home or work computers, providing full access to all your files and computer data.

Apples iPhone has additionally been a strong hit with non business users, many thanks to it’s iTunes store. You are able to down load a broad selection of music, games and other programs which make full use of the iPhone technology, and obviously, provide hours of entertainment, plus in many instances free of charge.

So, the query pops up for most iPhone owners minds is, exactly why should I jail break my iPhone? Read More »

Benefits of Unlocking Your iPhone

Posted in: Unlock iPhone, Tags: Benefits, Iphone, Unlocking

The iPhone is one of the greatest phones on the market, with world-class hardware, firmware, and support. However, dealing with Apple’s closed system can be downright frustrating, and can prevent you from doing everything that you want to with your device. You paid hundreds of dollars for your iPhone, shouldn’t you be able to do whatever you want?

What Apple doesn’t want you to know is that you can be free of their oppressive system. You can perform a process called jailbreaking or unlocking, which eliminates the restrictive controls Apple places on iPhones and allows you to install any software you want. Before we discuss how to unlock your iPhone, why would you want to do it in the first place?

Simply put, spending the effort learning how to unlock your iPhone gives you absolute freedom, and will most likely save you money. Apple restricts many products and services from being used with iOS so you have to pay for them, and only through the vendors that Apple wants you to support. There’s nothing worse than being beat-up by a big corporation, and that’s exactly what Apple is doing to you with their draconian policies of closed devices and strict content control. Read More »

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