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Iphone Jailbreaking Exploit Sparks Mobile Security Concerns

Posted in: Jailbreak iPhone, Tags: Concerns, Exploit, Iphone, jailbreaking, Mobile, Security, Sparks

“What concerns me along with others in the security community, on the other hand, is that if simply visiting a website by means of your iPhone can cause it to be jail broken, just imagine what else could hackers do through exploiting this vulnerability? Cybercriminals would be capable to create booby-trapped webpage’s that could if visited through an unsuspecting iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad owner run code on visiting devices with no the user’s permission,” Cluley wrote in a blog post.

“This must serve as a wake-up call for someone with a mobile device: Remote exploitation is real and here to stay,” he wrote in a blog post. “For now, these vulnerabilities are being used to jailbreak iPhones; on the other hand they could be used to do lots of other things to iPhones moreover their owners around the world.”

According to the Federal Office intended for Information Security, a manipulated website otherwise PDF file could permit cybercriminals to spy on passwords, planners along with emails. As such, the Office recommends users evade opening untrusted PDF files along with websites. Read More »

Cydia: The Most powerful jailbreak app for your portable Apple device

Posted in: Apple Iphone, iOS, iPhone Apps, Tags: cydia, jailbreaking

If you own a portable Apple device and were to set about jailbreaking it today, no matter the method used to do so your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will receive its first Jailbreak “app”, the most powerful of them all; Cydia.

The creation of Jay Freeman a.k.a Saurik, Cydia is a to jailbroken devices what the App Store is to a standard iPhone or iPad. Served via a graphical user interface, Cydia provides users with a choice of applications, tweaks and modifications that can help extend the capabilities of their device.

Existing as more of a service than an app, Cydia collates APT repositories (an interface that can facilitate the installation and uninstalling of applications, tweaks and settings), that are handled completely by third parties, decentralising the platform and making it easily available for a developer or a host to make available the apps that they have been working on or wish to help share.

With Apple’s App Store generating revenue in billions of dollars, the Cupertino-based company is understandably wary of Cydia as an alternative marketplace, which can only stop the installation of the app if it can physically block the Jailbreaking of the device in the first place. Despite improved protection and the implementation of various methods to restrict access to unauthorised parts of the iOS platform, both the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team are reportedly close to unlocking the iPhone 5/iOS 5 before it has even been released. Read More »

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