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Unlock iPhone 3G – Best Step Step Methods Revealed

Posted in: Jailbreak iPhone, Tags: Best, Iphone, Methods, Revealed, Step, unlock

If you were looking for a tactic to jailbreak your iPhone 2G, then you have come to the perfect place. While it might appear much like the hardest thing to Unlock iPhone 3G, it is not because once you know what you should do, you can come to realise the way in which easy an expert is.

Before Unlocking: The crucial element you need to be aware of quite simply have to utilize the iTunes 9.0 or a later version to allow this for work properly. To get the newest iTunes version, you just need to drop by Apple’s website and upgrade. You should also just remember to backup any contacts, photographs, SMS, music, and everthing else that you like for them to save through iTunes before unlocking your phone.

Now to answer the question ways to Unlock iPhone 3G:

Before continuing, you ought to know that once you unlock iPhone how the can make your warranty with iPhone, null and void, for those times you choose to keep your warranty, it truly is advised you do not unlock your phone. Read More »

Jailbreak iPhone 3G With JailbreakMe & Unlock With UltraSn0w: Step By Step Guide

Posted in: Jailbreak iPhone, Tags: Guide, Iphone, Jailbreak, JailbreakMe, Step, UltraSn0w, unlock

I will show you a very simple way to Jailbreak your iPhone 3G With JailbreakMe & Unlock With UltraSn0w so that you can use your iPhone with T-Mobile (USA), Orange and Vodafone in Europe and other GSM carriers around the world. You can read this tutorial and other great ones on my blog at

I will walk you through each step. So follow along carefully.

First let’s do the jailbreak:

1. Launch Safari browser on your iPhone

2. Type this in your browser:

Note: If that doesn’t work, type this in:

3. Now you will be taken to the homepage of The website will check to see if your iPhone software version can be jailbroken.

If your version cannot be jailbroken, it will tell you to upgrade your software/firmware first before being able to use the website to jailbreak. Read More »

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